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How to Stay Safe and Prepared While Waiting for a Towing Company

September 15, 2021

Waiting for a towing company sounds simple enough but there are some important strategies that will help you be prepared and stay safe. Here are the steps you should take.

Stay Inside the Vehicle

Even though it may be tempting to get out of your vehicle and further inspect the damage, it’s generally a good idea to stay inside and wait for the towing company to arrive. The only exceptions to this rule are if the car is smoking/showing other signs of overheating or if the car is in a dangerous position (like still in the street). If not, try to sit patiently in your vehicle with the doors locked and your seatbelt on. Your car is much easier to see than you are so this can help keep you from being hit by another driver. Also, staying inside protects you from the weather, stray animals, and potentially dangerous people who might try to take advantage of your predicament.

Get Key Information Ready to Share

Although every situation is unique, when you call a towing company there are some common questions that you should be ready to answer.

First, you should know your location. Even if you don’t know exactly where you are, describing the environment such as whether you’re on the side of the highway or a side street can make a big difference.

Second, you should be prepared to share basic information about your vehicle like the make, model, and its present condition. This information helps the towing company determine what kind of tow truck they should send to help you.

Next, have your insurance information ready. The details of your insurance policy may affect payment methods or other important factors for the towing company.

Finally, you may want to have your mechanic’s information available to provide to the towing company. If the towing company takes your vehicle directly to your mechanic, this can eliminate the need for additional towing later and speed up the repair process.

Have a Trustworthy Towing Company on the Ready

If an emergency strikes, you don’t want to have to scramble to find a towing company. Why not keep the number of a towing company you can trust available just in case? Parker Towing will be there as soon as possible.