Window driving precautions

When waiting for a tow in the snow


If you’re stuck in snow, and waiting to be pulled out, here are three quick pointers to keep you as safe as possible…

  1. Don’t keep the engine running all the time. Use short bursts every twenty minutes or so to warm up – but only if you are sure your exhaust pipe is clear. Otherwise, carbon monoxide poisoning is a real risk.
  2. Stay inside your vehicle because many people simply don’t believe how quickly hypothermia can hit in our bitter winters – until it’s too late.
  3. Keep moving with regular finger, hand, and stretching exercises to keep the blood flowing – again helps combat the cold.

One final tip: keep our Parker Towing number – 303-841-9161 – with you on every journey! Our 24/7 tow truck service is ready to help…

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