Emergency kit for your car

What to carry in your vehicle in summer

While Colorado isn’t traditionally associated with heat, the summer months are definitely an exception. Carrying certain items with you in your vehicle during the summer is the best way to improve your well-being if something should happen to your car while you are out and waiting for a tow.

Always have fresh water with you. Filling up a water bottle before you leave means you’ll have something to drink if you get held up on the road and have to contend with high heat. Have snacks on hand (such as nuts), especially if you’re traveling remotely. Sunglasses are a good option to have with you in case you need to flag someone down in the daytime. On the flipside, having a working flashlight means you’ll be much more visible at night.

Any time you’re taking a trip in Colorado, a few simple steps to be prepared can go a long way toward enhancing your roadside safety.


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