Want an Abandoned Vehicle Towed?

tow truck Parker Towing DenverIf you want an abandoned vehicle towed off of your property or nearby street, Parker Towing has the information you need. Abandoned cars can be a real eyesore, not to mention take up valuable parking spots. If the vehicle happens to be parked right in front of your house and has been there for a week or so, it’s certainly time to start asking around for the owner. Read on to learn how to address getting an abandoned vehicle towed, and Parker Towing will always be there when you need us.

It’s best to do your research and know the laws surrounding abandoned vehicles before calling for a tow, even provide a copy of the information if you do find the owner. It could just be that the vehicle owner does not know about abandonment laws had been planning to leave it there long term.

Check out local ordinances in regards to disabled vehicles. Disabled means that they are immobilized due to a lack of engine, doors, tires, and other equipment necessary for driving. Generally, ordinances required disabled vehicles to be enclosed, such as in a garage or behind a fence.

Check out your city and county websites to learn the exact rules. Another efficient way to get answers is to call up the city manager to determine what to do. Be sure to review and fully understand before proceeding with the abandoned vehicle claim and calling a tow company. If you reside in a condo or townhouse community with Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions, then check those as well.

Remember, anyone can park their vehicle on public streets for up to 72 hours if they are observing all local vehicle codes and restrictions.

If you cannot find the owner, you may have to ask for help from your local police to get the vehicle towed. If the car is in bad shape, stripped or burned, with a lot of missing parts and looks worse for the wear, it very well may be abandoned, and you can call your local non-emergency police phone number.

When it’s time to report the vehicle abandoned to a tow company, be ready with the vehicle make and model, license plate if there is one, state, and exact location. The police will place a 24-hour warning tag on the vehicle in many cases, after first checking if the car has been reported stolen. After the period of 24 hours has passed, the city may have it towed, impounded, or dispose of in some way.

Sometimes a tenant will leave their unwanted vehicle parked and have no intention of reclaiming the car. The same procedure mentioned above applies in most cases. Be sure to follow all local laws and procedures to get the vehicle appropriately removed.

We hope your experience with the process goes well if you want an abandoned vehicle towed. The team at Parker Towing is here to help with thorough, professional towing services all across the Front Range. Call us the moment you need a tow, and we will get to you fast.

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