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Towing in the Summer

A lot of people consider towing companies as they need them—this usually means in the depths of winter, after they’ve hit an icy area and slid into another car or a ditch filled with snow. But it’s extremely important to think about your tow company before the winter, and before the accident happens. Parker Towing is a 24-hour service, available 7 days a week, serving Parker, Lone Tree, Aurora, Littleton, Castle Rock, Centennial, Franktown, Elizabeth, and Highlands Ranch. We are the best towers in the area, committed not only to your safety, but also to protecting the condition of your car, and getting you where you need to be. As part of our belief that you need to be prepared for things that go wrong with your car, we’ve created a short list of things to consider in the summertime, to ready yourself for the wintertime.

First, before you drive, double check the dashboard of your car and review any sort of lights that may come on or blink at you when you start the vehicle.

If your oil light is on, make sure your oil is full before you drive, and consider the last time you had an oil change. It is cheaper and faster to tow your car to a shop, than it is to drive it without oil and cause an accident.

Double check your head and taillights before you drive, especially if you are a primarily day-time driver. It’s easy to forget to check for things like this if they aren’t immediately an issue, and this is why it’s easy to miss a broken light. Make sure you have the ability to light up your car in the dark. This includes turning on all of the lights, inside and outside, and making sure all of them work the best that they can—to make you as visible as you can be.

Have an emergency kit with you and a plan in mind, in case you get into an accident. Keep blankets and flares in your trunk and consider keeping jumper cables, in case you are in need of just a quick jump, but don’t want to call us to help.

The final, and to us, the most important thing to keep you safe, is to keep our number in a place you can access it—a wallet, a purse, a phone, anywhere that you can find it and use it to reach us.

If you’d like to call us for a tow, or would like to read more about us, visit our website—or explore our blog.

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