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The top three ways that people pay for vehicle tows


A lot of factors affect the cost of a tow, including a vehicle’s location and the distance between it and the driver’s chosen destination, whether that’s their home, a repair garage, or junk yard. Before a driver calls a tow truck, they should determine the least expensive method to pay for the service.

Insurance company

Auto insurers typically offer vehicle owners the opportunity to add roadside assistance services to their policies. With roadside assistance, a driver contacts their insurer when they need a tow. The company then contacts a towing service provider to make arrangements or requires that the driver make the call, pay for the tow out-of-pocket and then submit a claim form.

Membership club

Many clubs, especially motor clubs, offer their members roadside assistance services. After a member calls the club’s emergency hotline, a club representative contacts a tow truck company. The club might only cover so many miles for the tow. If a vehicle merely needs gas, the club might send someone to the location with enough gas to help the driver reach the closest gas station.

Direct payment

Tow truck companies must accept cash and credit card payments for tow services. They might also accept certified checks and money orders.

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