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Staying safe when your car breaks down


Sadly, when a vehicle suffers a breakdown, this can then lead to accidents and personal injury. It can be easy to feel anxious, even panicky, and find yourself doing things that are simply not sensible. Please follow these three tips to be safer…

1 Never try to undertake any type of repair on the highway itself. Move the vehicle to a safe place if at all possible

2 Turn on your hazard lights to warn other motorists; if you have any kind of warning sign, then deploy it

3 Don’t stand outside of your vehicle looking for the repair or tow truck. This is highly dangerous, even on quieter side roads. Sometimes, the worse the weather, the more likely people are to do this to make them visible to their rescuers – but actually often almost invisible to other road users

Parker Towing Company wants you to stay safe as they rush to your rescue!

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