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3 things to remember when you need emergency vehicle towing


A serious vehicle breakdown from a defective part or an accident can happen at any time. Stress from the sudden loss of mobility can make a driver forget the following when ordering a tow truck:

  1. Many auto insurance and membership companies cover the cost. Drivers often forget to call their insurers to ask about reimbursement and recommended local tow truck companies. Additionally, auto club organizations and credit card companies often provide free roadside and tow services as part of their membership benefit packages.
  2. Tow truck companies typically don’t offer insurance to cover theft of any valuables you leave behind in your vehicle. As a result, always remove anything of value, including the stereo faceplate or related equipment, your GPS unit, personal photos and identification, and even high-price leather seat covers.
  3. Never expect perfection. A tow truck driver must contend with traffic like every other driver on the road. Accidents, construction, traffic congestion, and weather can adversely affect a timely arrival. Please keep in mind that a tow truck driver never wants to make a bad impression or lose your business. They will always do their best to reach you within the estimated window of time you’re given for pickup, but delays can happen.

Parker Towing Service provides 24/7 tow truck services to residents and business owners in Parker, Castle Rock, Aurora, Highlands Ranch, Centennial and nearby areas. When you need a towing company to help you quickly move your vehicle to a garage or other safe location, our team is available to answer questions and rapidly assist. Call today for more information or to schedule towing service.

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