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3 Sticky situations a tow truck can help out with


You may think about calling a tow truck when your car is broken down on the side of the road or involved in an accident. However, these aren’t the only times when calling a towing company is helpful. Consider these three sticky situations that a tow truck can help with.

  1. Your 4X4 is stuck

Although four-wheel-drive vehicles are designed for tough conditions, they can get stuck, too. A tow truck wrecker can help lift them off obstacles and return them to the road.

  1. You’ve lost your key

Whether your key is lost or locked in your car, a locksmith may be able to get it started. If not, a tow truck can get your car to a safe place until you can get a new key made.

  1. To recover a stolen vehicle

Stolen vehicles are often recovered with tow trucks. If it has been found damaged, disabled, or out of gas, a towing company can help you get your car back home.

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